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Presentation to Pediatric Cardiology Conference at CHOP Honored with Outstanding Investigator Award

By Craig Rusin, PhD, CTO of Medical Informatics Corp.
March 13, 2020

Dr. Rusin’s presentation demonstrates the ability to predict53 to 67 percent of cardiorespiratory deterioration events one to two hours in advance for single ventricle patients.

Big Data, Bigger Possibilities: Medical Device Integration at Scale in Today’s Healthcare Environments

By Heather Hitchcock
March 05, 2020

The ability to truly change healthcare has been locked away for years. Even more frustrating is that it has been locked away in plain sight – right next to the very patients it is supposed to help us save.

Data Problems: Where Have We Heard This Before?

By Heather Hitchcock
January 27, 2020

It was as if she were speaking for clinicians everywhere when Reenu Eapen, M.D., said what was on everyone’s mind: “Data comes at us from all directions. The ability to prioritize and analyze it effectively in taking care of our patients is a very...

How Can We Harness Artificial Intelligence to Improve Critical Care?

By Heather Hitchcock
January 23, 2020

The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare generates a lot of excitement, but oftentimes one key element is being overlooked: How to unlock the data that will drive AI. Nowhere is the problem more evident than in critical care units, where...

Solving the Healthcare Data Crisis

By Heather Hitchcock
January 21, 2020

Need the Right Answers? Start with the Right Questions Time series waveform data is essential to AI and patient-centered care I recently attended a medical conference where a physician spoke about how AI could change the face of healthcare. As he...


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