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Scaling Care Capacity and Laying the Foundation for Patient-Centered AI

By Heather Hitchcock
June 29, 2020

Dr. Dan Berkowitz shares his vision for data-driven care at UAB Dan Berkowitz, M.D., has always been hopeful for a healthcare future that is driven by data. To an online audience of healthcare professionals across the country in a recent BrightTalk...

Start Where You Are: Healthcare Innovation Lessons from COVID-19

By Heather Hitchcock
May 14, 2020

“COVID, overnight, has changed how consumers are going to access and engage health systems.” - Peter Kung “Now, we’re being thrust into this mode where the operators need innovation and are pulling for it, rather than us pushing it.” - Daniel...

Tele-ICUs: A Bright Spot in COVID-19 Crisis

By Heather Hitchcock
May 07, 2020

The staff was skeptical at first, Dr. Atiya Dhala remembered. The medical director of the newly launched virtual ICU at Houston Methodist had conducted town halls, retreats and many different meetings, all to gain the staff’s interest in the new...

2020 Will Be a Defining Year for Hospitals and Healthcare Technology

By Emma Fauss, PhD, MBA, is co-founder and CEO of Medical Informatics Corp.
December 16, 2019

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”― Alan Kay Each year, we meet with hundreds of leaders at healthcare providers — from independent research hospitals to enormous critical-care health systems. We talk with CEOs and Chief...


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