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Scaling Care Capacity and Laying the Foundation for Patient-Centered AI

By Heather Hitchcock
June 29, 2020

Dr. Dan Berkowitz shares his vision for data-driven care at UAB Dan Berkowitz, M.D., has always been hopeful for a healthcare future that is driven by data. To an online audience of healthcare professionals across the country in a recent BrightTalk...

Why Just Flatten the Curve When We Can Raise the Line?

By Heather Hitchcock
June 15, 2020

Social distancing, good hand hygiene, drive-through testing and telehealth visits: Yes, there are many ways we can all help flatten the curve to fight this COVID-19 pandemic.

Big Data, Bigger Possibilities: Medical Device Integration at Scale in Today’s Healthcare Environments

By Heather Hitchcock
March 05, 2020

The ability to truly change healthcare has been locked away for years. Even more frustrating is that it has been locked away in plain sight – right next to the very patients it is supposed to help us save.


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